Milagro is a new musical, currently in development, with music, lyrics and lyric translations by Portland singer-songwriter Anna Gilbert and celebrated Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno with book by Broadway and YouTube artist Evynne Hollens and Seattle playwright Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth. Inspired by a miraculous true story, Milagro is a deeply personal story about motherhood, survival, love, loss and the complexity of family. 

Luisa arrives in Antigua, desperate to reconnect with her Guatemalan roots and build a future that is her own, only to be blindsided by an unexpected and life-threatening pregnancy. In Oregon, high school senior Gabi yearns to finally prove herself ready for adulthood. But before either woman can spread her wings, both must face the complex layers of their family's past — a past others would rather leave shrouded in secrecy. Spanning two languages and countries, Milagro is about the choices that break families apart... and bind them together forever.


A heartwarming coming of age story of self-discovery, forgiveness and the beauty of friendship, Milagro is sure to touch audiences around the world.